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>> so we're just waiting for sfgtv and here we are ready to
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go. and now it's just gone black and dark. there it goes. [ gavel ] >> meeting will come to order. welcome everyone. it's monday, october 15th, 2012. this is the land use and economic development committee for the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is eric mar and i'm the chair of the committee to my right is supervisor malia cohen and to my left is supervisor wiener. our clerk is miss andrea asbury. >> turn your ringer volumes off on all cell phone and please submit any copies to documents and completed speaker cards as they will be part of the items filed. items acted upon today will
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appear on the october 23rd agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. i wanted to thank mifreeman and greg burke for televising us on sfgtv today as well. miss asu burby, we have three items on our item. please call i. no. 1. >> i. no. 1, resolution authorizing acceptance of a purchase and sale agreement. former waller street between laguna and buchanan streets regents of the university of california. >> the sponsor is supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. the legislation before us today relates to the extremely important 55 laguna project in district 8. this project in addition to providing close to 500 units of much-needed housing, in the upper market and haight
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valley/lower haight area will almost provide 40% of the units as affordable units, including the open house project. which provides over 100 affordable housing units for lgbt seniors and as we know the needs of our lgbt senior population are significant. right now waller street, the imaginery waller street because it's not really a street anymore, but it's technically a street bisects the project. the resolution before us today will authorize a are purchase and sale agreement between the city and the university of california for waller street right-of-way between laguna and buchanan. it's currently unimproved and not accessible to the public and is useds a private parking lot for ucsf.
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this agreement the university of california will record a restricted easement and sharing that the street is maintained in perpetuity as a public park. community has been working with the development team to design this unique public space, which will open up a new pedestrian connection and provide great open space for the residents of this neighborhood. and for the residents of the new project. the details of the park are still being designed but the design process has been opened and robust this. is a good deal for both parties and ensures that the public interest is maintained and the resolution is the very last entitlement required for the 55 laguna project, which as i just mentioned will provide much-needed housing, including affordable housing. today we have with us john updike, acting director of the department of real estate and we have representatives from
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development team and the university of california. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. do we have a presentation? >> good afternoon, i am marta bail with the real estate division and i'm here on behalf of john updike. this item, as supervisor wiener says this item seeks recommendation to approve a purchase and sale agreement between the city and the regents of the university of california for the area of former waller street line between laguna and buchanan. this sale would facilitate the development known as 55 laguna by wood partners through a separate agreement between the regents and wood partners. that development would deliver 440 celling units, 109 will be affordable senior housing. it is not the development before you today, but rather the purchase and sale agreement for the development site. waller street has an
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interesting history. on march 27, 1922 the board of supervisors passed resolution 1918 2 that closed and abandoned waller between lag laguna and buchanan. in 1953 the federal government dismissed their condemnation automobile accident and the property reverted back to the state with the disclaimer filed bit city at the that time as to former waller street. so council and real estate staff of the city and university of california agreed as to the status of the title to former waller street as a result of those actions. each party claims ownership. claims the ownership interest. giving title is clouded in order for this development project to proceed, title must be cleared, given the city's interest, it was agreed that a conveyance to the university of california at a nominal fee of $1 plus legal and closing costs
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of up to $5,000 was deemed a reasonable market-based solution. that purchase and sale agreement before you today accomplishes just that. >> thank you very much. supervisor, if there are no other presentations or questions let's open this up for public comment. i will do my best to read cards of people that have signed up for item no. 16789 if there is anyone else who would like to speak -- oh, we have christa from supervisor olague's office. >> good afternoon, i'm i'm supervisor olague's office and unfortunately the supervisor is not here to speak and i will read some comments. colleagues it has come to my attention whether the entire 440 mixed unit project at 55 laguna street is subject to prevailing wages or whether the
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requirement apries solely to the portions financed by other public funds. it's my belief that the entire project is subject to prevailing wages. the planning commission initially approved the 55 laguna projects a mixed-use project. with retail and community space in 200. after extensive community involvement and debate -- the board of supervisors substancely approved legislation to create the special use district and the san francisco superior court upheld that. since then we have had discussions with both members from the carpeters union, as well as wood partners -- and we understand that they are going
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to be discussing this issue in more detail on thursday, but i wanted to just state for the record the supervisor' experience with this project and how she saw this was integrated and had you she really felt that the union jobs should be offered for both sides of it. it was never her understanding it would only be union on one side of it and not the whole project itself. >> thank you and please thank supervisor olague. supervisor wiener or supervisor cohen. >> chris i have a couple of questions as a matter of clarification. so today your role is just to read into the record the supervisor's comments. are there any suggestive course of action or anything that she wants us to do? >> i think at the time there was maybe discussions about an amendment to make sure this was codified in there. i'm not certain about the timing of this. this kind of came to our
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attention -- we have been a little preoccupied so i wasn't able to talk to her about the next course of action, but we know that they are in discussions and we hope that that is going to be something that is going to resolve some concerns or some questions, hopefully, by the end of the week. >> when you say "they are in discussions," who exactly do you mean (the developers, as well as the unions that we have been in discussion with, particularly the carpenters union. >> thank you for bringing her comments to the board. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so i would like, through the chair, ask supervisor wiener if he wanted to have an opportunity to talk about the issue -- the comments that supervisor olague brought up? >> sure. and actually, this is the first time that i ever heard anything from supervisor olague or her office about this particular issue and, in fact, i just checked my staff and my office has received no contact whatsoever from supervisor olague's office about this.
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in addition we did receive contact that i think about 12:59 p.m. today about a minute before land use started about the possibility of an amendment, and working with the project sponsor and with partners and with mercy housing and open house to talk about ways in which we can have union labor and prevailing wage with respect to this project. my personal opinion is that having good prevailing wage and having union labor for the entire project is a good thing and it's something that we should do.
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and that is in terms of the many months i have been working on this project that. is what we have been talking about and where we're going. >> mr. chair, i want to go on record and echo the comments that supervisor wiener spoke i want to go on record to say that workers receive a prevailing wage. thank you. >> thank you, and i really appreciate my colleagues' comments. i think looking at the project as a whole, to make sure that there is the strongest possible prevailing wage and union jobs is really critical and i know the carpenters union addressed that as we open up public comment. now let's open this up for public comment. maximum 3 minutes per person and at 30 seconds to go there
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is a light ring or ding that will go off and if people could do their best to stay within the 3 minutes. the first speaker is allen meekum from the university of california and if anybody else would like to speak, please line up. >> supervisors, good afternoon. my name is allen meachum authentic i wanted to assure you that we're in full agreement with the contents of the agreement that you have before you, including recordation of the restricts easement simultaneously with the passage of title and i'm here to answer any questions that you might have. >> thank you. supervisor wiener? >> if i could just say, thank you, because i have been --
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well, before i was in office i have been following this project and interested in it, given the importance for the lgbt community and for as along as i can remember there was a dispute between the city and uc about who just owned this and i always wondered why we can't just resolve this and i'm thrilled that the city and uc have been able to resolve it in a really commonsense way. thank you. >> and thank you the city. >> thank you. is there anyone else from the public that would like to speak? >> miss jackson? >> thank you, espinola jackson bayview hunters point and i would like to say in listening one of the concerns that have i with this city and i have mentioned it many a times, especially when you talk about housing and when

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